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41 members

penguingim1 straw pool team TEAM

I post links for straw polls about penguingim1. (Sometimes not about penguingim)

Forum (11)

  1. wekly champion legue anejbegunje

    new private tourments come in code is champion legue name is wekly champion legue

  2. penguingim1 straw pool team forum d4c4

    Shouldn't this be a straw poll team, not a straw pool team?

  3. penguingim1 straw polls Poffel

    (11th of March)

  4. penguingim1 straw polls Poffel

  5. Straw poll(not about penguingim1) Poffel

    From penguingim1:

  6. Straw poll(not about penguingim1) Poffel

  7. penguingim1 straw polls Poffel (old)

  8. penguingim1 straw pool team forum lichess

    Welcome to the penguingim1 straw pool team forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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