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About Paul Morphy: Paul Charles Morphy (June 22, 1837 – July 10, 1884) was an American chess player. He is considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and an unofficial second World Chess Champion 1858–1860. A chess prodigy, he was called "The Pride and Sorrow of Chess" because he had a brilliant chess career but retired from the game while still young. Bobby Fischer and Viswanathan Anand ranked Morphy among the ten greatest chess players of all time, with Fischer describing him as "perhaps the most accurate player who ever lived". Read more about Paul Morphy here:

About this team: Paul Morphy Chess Club is in Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

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Paul Morphy Classical30+30 β€’ Classical β€’ Rated7 rounds swiss
checkmate corona swiss tmt30+0 β€’ Classical β€’ Rated6 rounds swiss
Classical swiss tmt60+5 β€’ Classical β€’ Rated3 rounds swiss
Cook Arena3+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Rated β€’ 1hInner team
Sultan Khan Rapid Swiss20+5 β€’ Rapid β€’ Rated7 rounds swiss