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One round 30/30 Tournament (Week 1) TEAM

More events to come, visit the forums.

Starts 28/7/14 (one week later than originally scheduled), sign ups end 20/7/14. The time control is 30/30, and of a game/week format. It ends one week after the start date. For rules visit

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  1. DDA (1671) vs cafestream (1635) (REAL PAIRINGS) DDA 1-0

  2. DDA (1671) vs cafestream (1635) (REAL PAIRINGS) cafestream

    Round 1: DDA vs. cafestream 1-0

  3. DDA (1671) vs cafestream (1635) (REAL PAIRINGS) cafestream

    ok great, good luck!

  4. azuaga (1495) vs Hasimir (1280) (REAL PAIRINGS) Tournaments

    Well that's sad. He has probably forfeited then.

  5. azuaga (1495) vs Hasimir (1280) (REAL PAIRINGS) Hasimir

    I don't think this is going to happen, we were both in the spectator area for the F_D89 vs. PlayForLife 90/30 round and I asked him when he'd be available in both English and Spanish, he did not respo

  6. DDA (1671) vs cafestream (1635) (REAL PAIRINGS) DDA

    Casual seems fine to me -D

  7. AdmiralA (2037) vs F_D89 (2006) (REAL PAIRINGS) Hasimir

    And here's some more playing with it: There are two Deep HIARCS analysis runs in there as well as th

  8. Soze (1577) vs Gonzm (1573) (REAL PAIRINGS) Gonzm I win

  9. Soze (1577) vs Gonzm (1573) (REAL PAIRINGS) Soze

    We agreed to play today at 3pm utc time

  10. AdmiralA (2037) vs F_D89 (2006) (REAL PAIRINGS) LM AdmiralA

    A draw! Commendable play from F_D89 in this one, though I absolutely messed up in the opening with 6. ...e5. That'll teach me for roughly playing through half-reme

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