Nc6 Team of Lichess

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This is a club for all the lichess members who play 1...Nc6 with black against anything (e4, d4, c4, Nf3, etc), everything, used to play it, or are just a fan who enjoys the ideas in the opening.

It's not a dumb, passive opening- we can make it a very interesting, good, and fun one!

Feel free to discuss all kinds of Nc6 related ideas in the forum, just please be Kind, Respectful, and DON'T personally attack anyone based on their preferred openings! Thank you! :)

September 2nd. Team Founded by FunnyAnimatorJimTV
NOTE: I am not calling 1...Nc6 the Nimzowitsch Defense, Mikenas Defense or by any one name. I'm just calling it "Nc6". The reason is because different names are assigned to different color complexes and structures, e.g. "Nimzowitsch Defense" is based on 1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 d5 and a light square strategy for black, but it's actually more popular for black to play an early ...e5 if possible and aim for a dark square strategy, which has nothing to do with Nimzowitsch's lines.

The book "The Dark Knight System" by FM James Schuyler is a great book for anybody that wants to learn a lot about Nc6 (NOT sponsored, it's a really good book)