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Our goal is to host free tournaments for an international audience, as well as reduce finacial barriers for people all around the world. As a result, we have partnered up with Chessmood to give low-income individuals access to high-quality chess courses created by Grandmasters for free .

Our team!!!!
- President of the National Chess Blasters: Honoringstar40
- Vice President of the National Chess Blasters: ChessbobYash
- Department Chair of the Department of Events: PimPatle

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Steps: Simply scroll down until you see the lessons. By using the link, you do not need to create an account.

Team Battles:

By being part of the National Chess Blasters, you can participate in team battles were you verse 40-50 teams other teams. Additionally, by winning a game, you score a point for the National Chess Blasters. Our leaders will try to schedule and coordinate team battles with other teams at least once a week.

Team Goals: Thank you for 7500!!!! :)

  • Have 10 members: Achieved
  • Have 25 members: Achieved
  • Have 50 members: Achieved
  • Have 100 members: Achieved
  • Have 200 members: Achieved
  • Have 500 members: Achieved
  • Have 1000 members: Achieved
  • Have 2500 members: Achieved
  • Have 5000 members: Achieved
  • Have 7,500 members: Achieved
  • Have 10,000 Members: ?????

5000 Members Celebration

  • 1st Place: zLost42069
  • 2nd Place: OutsidePawn
  • 3rd Place: MirzaSafar

1000 Members Celebration Award Winners

  • National Chess Blasters Victory Award: Aniket
  • Highest Rated Player of the National Chess Blasters: Addirigan


Fischer Random Chess Liga 116 Team Battle3+2 • Chess960 • Rated • 12h191 teams battle
FRC Weekend 70 Team Battle5+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 12h191 teams battle
FRC Daily 3+3, 12h Team Battle3+3 • Chess960 • Rated • 12h191 teams battle
FRC Daily 4+2, 12h Team Battle4+2 • Chess960 • Rated • 12h191 teams battle
FRC Daily 3+0, 6h Team Battle3+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 6h191 teams battle


the best teamsherif-bandery •

،Zeyad_Bandery. Sojb ashrafbandery

Prizeinnerflame •

During Member Milestone celebrations, we give out virtual certificates. However, we don't give out cash awards/

PrizeShibin2000 •

Is there any incentive like cash awards for winners?

For the Leadersinnerflame •

Sorry, but we are not looking for new team leaders at this time. Thank so you for showing interest though!!!

Celebrate of the 3000Brittany_Palomino •

Is that they reach 3000 very quickly because this team is the best

Celebrate of the 3000Brittany_Palomino •

What a beautiful team I am very happy to have joined this great community. I hope they continue to grow and they almost reach 3000

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