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Mikhail Tal TEAM

I did not take the tournament too seriously. I walked around the pressroom, smoked a few cigarettes and sacrificed some pieces. I am waiting until next year when I can become a new ex-world champion. – Mikhail Tal (on the '88 World Blitz Championship, which he won)
Location: Riga

Forum (31)

  1. hii RISHI_2004

    hii everybody how are u all

  2. Tal's best sacrifice TAL-ontendo and this game is awesome.

  3. Tal's best sacrifice TAL-ontendo

    *.Hello.* i wanna know Tal's best sacrifice. which is best? i think this game very good :

  4. Documentary about Mikhail Tal IPBPI

    Where to watch "Mikhail Tal From a Far" documentary?

  5. Happy Birthday Misha pureredwhiteblu

    Happy 81st Birthday to Mikhail Tal. You were an amazing chess player! RIP

  6. I love Misha Tal but.... what book? pureredwhiteblu

    I am currently reading "Mikhail Tal's Best Games 2 1960-1971 The World Champion" by Tibor Karolyi Very Good book!

  7. Mikhail Tal's Photos SparTacus007

    This one I think :)

  8. Mikhail Tal's Photos yigit_kocatasTR

  9. Mikhail Tal's Photos TAL-ontendo

    Which is best photo of Mikhail Tal ?

  10. AWESOME TAL-ontendo

    Thank You :D

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