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Mato Jelic chess fans TEAM

Tournament points: 2,057

Team leader: ivica403

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  1. ivica403
  2. shahram_93
  3. Zeno96
  4. mupel69
  5. Tatsat

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Why is this chess channel so amazing?

This YouTube channel is a great place for beginner and intermediate players to watch entertaining chess videos.
As chess is an exceptional mind game, it requires a large amount of skill and practice as well as strategy. There is more to chess strategy than many people think and with these free chess videos you can learn how to play chess like a champion in a very short period. You can also learn how to attack aggressively to win or how to spot key quiet moves and still move in for the win..

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  1. Mato Jelic chess fans forum lichess

    Welcome to the Mato Jelic chess fans forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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