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14 members

Marathon-Maniacs TEAM

Team just for the crazies that think the 24 hour chess marathon is AWESOME!!!

Stock up on redbull and granola bars (maybe a beer too) and join us on the lucky 13th of August for the Lichess Summer Marathon.

Win, Loss or repeated and relenting bludgeonings to the head, we're sticking it out all DAY AND NIGHT! 💪

If you're wacko enough to think this is a GOOD idea, join our team and let's make it an epic event!!!
Rock ONN! 🤘🍻

Forum (15)

  1. Marathon-Maniacs forum Unthinkabl3

    Hi all Good luck to all of you, I will be rooting for you! If you have a couple minutes, check out my post in this thread - I give some general tips on what to do and not to do during this Mara

  2. Marathon-Maniacs forum DeadBonesUnknown

    That's a real good idea, yellowdragoooooon! 😄 Message, we can exchange Skype info. That'll be a good way to check in and give some encouraging words in those LOOOOOONNNGGG AM hours. Last marat

  3. Marathon-Maniacs forum bc123


  4. Marathon-Maniacs forum yellowdragoon

    We should like, make a skype chat group for us guys so it dosnt get boring

  5. Marathon-Maniacs forum DeadBonesUnknown

    Welcome to our team! Let's Par-Tayy all night long!!

  6. Marathon-Maniacs forum lichess

    Welcome to the Marathon-Maniacs forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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