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Magnus Carlsen TEAM

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  1. World Chess Championship 2018 (London) agreyes305

    The Chess Championship of the World is on the line tomorrow, Friday 9 November 2018 live, from The College in Holborn, London, England. Defending champion Magnus Carlsen (NOR) will square-off against

  2. 12345678 Arsen_Puhir

  3. carlsen magnus2006

    Do you know who is the best chess player? Magnus carlsen And do you know who is chess player? We we all so the difference between carlsen and us is just that he is best so if we take out the best

  4. Magnus Carlsen forum krapablanka

    I once played a game, or should I say it once played me. Then Magnus lit the fire, isn't it good, Norwegian wood!

  5. Magnus Carlsen CJErvin01

    Magnus Carlsen although he is the best player right now I say he is geting a run for his money by Saint Louis Native Fabriano Caruana. In that context I say it is the fact that at the London Chess Cla

  6. Magnus Carlsen forum lichess

    Welcome to the Magnus Carlsen forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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