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Lovlas Fan Club TEAM

This is a Fanclub made to support famed IM Lovlas!
Location: Norway

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  1. FIDE rules of chess (chess is a sport too) Hey_Grandma

    White first. Black next. Rook Knight Bishop Queen King Bishop Knight Rook. Black mirrors it from white' s orientation. The King and Queen's positions are reversed from black' s orientation. Check is w

  2. The Eternal Question AcademicNinja99

    Option 4 is 110 quintillion kilometers XD

  3. The Eternal Question thekid456

    Millimeters or kilometers?

  4. The Eternal Question thibault

    I've seen it and all I will say is that it's over 9000 millimeters.

  5. The Eternal Question FischyVishy

    That's the Perpetual Question!

  6. The Eternal Question AcademicNinja99

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................... All of the above? XD

  7. The Eternal Question IM lovlas

    The real questions is how tasty it is. It is very tasty.

  8. The Eternal Question NM DragonMaterz


  9. The Eternal Question GBA87


  10. The Eternal Question FischyVishy

    How big is lovlas's kebab? 1) 10 cm 2) 30 cm 3) 100 cm 4) 11000000000000000000000000 cm 5) WHAT IS CM 6) Centimorgan? 7) DOES LOVLAS EVEN EAT KEBABS? 8) All of the above ???

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