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LJC Junior Online Congress Secondary Open

*** You must click on the tournament link and join the tournament as well as being in the team ***

*** Do not open another lichess window during play ***

Play Fair

Players must be respectful to each other at all times when using the lichess chat etc. Failure to do so may lead to lichess imposing a temporary ban. Players must not receive assistance from another person or from a computer chess program, books etc during the tournament.

Lichess has powerful anti-cheating measures in place and in addition games will be analysed after the tournament by LJC using the FIDE anti-cheating software. This software is able to detect when a player gets assistance and has led to players being disqualified and banned.

Suspicions of unfair play should be reported to the Tournament Group Team Leaders directly via lichess private chat (@Palani-TS , @SkateLegend , @wickywocky)

Lothian Junior Chess Anti Cheating Policy explain the complaint process and sanctions for cheating.

If a player's account is suspended by lichess they will not be able to play, or continue, in the tournament.
If lichess imposes a temporary sanction (eg for misusing the chat) they may miss one or more rounds. LJC have no control over this. All appeals must be made to lichess.

All games will be Chess Scotland Allegro graded and lichess rated.


LJC-Online-Congress-Open-Sec15+5 • Rapid • Rated6 rounds swiss
LJC-Online-Congress-Open-Sec15+5 • Rapid • Rated6 rounds swiss