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Lichess Ultrabullet Championship Board TEAM

Tournament points: 219,884

Team leader: idh82bu

Best players

  1. GM penguingim1
  2. IM MeneerMandje
  3. NM zanbato
  4. idh82bu

Recent members

Board of We make decisions concerning the championship. We consist of a number of trusted members of the aforementioned team and we also discuss (and vote) cheating cases. PLEASE DO NOT BUG ME WITH JOIN REQUESTS - THE PLACE TO JOIN IS!!!!
Location: lichess

Forum (5)

  1. seeding? idh82bu

    first round is underway... I actually tried to seed it but a bug with prevented me. Unfortunately, that is the way the cookie crumbles, and we have started. Good idea for a future champi

  2. seeding? NM zanbato

    Why is seeding for the Swiss portion random? Shouldn't it be by rating (perhaps average of current and peak ratings, as other championships have done)? I would vote to repair the first round - I'm mor


    My latest post in gives the decision to you. What do you decide?????

  4. info for ultrabullet championship idh82bu Do you suggest any changes? If so, let me know in this threa

  5. Lichess Ultrabullet Championship Board forum lichess

    Welcome to the Lichess Ultrabullet Championship Board forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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