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Lichess Artists TEAM

Founded: October 14th, 2018.

For people who like drawing weird stuff with the gold, blue, green, and red arrows, and pieces for decoration.

Once you join, start drawing!!!

1. Board Editor for a canvas, blank, or something unique.
2. Make it into a study.
3. Draw
i. Right-click for green.
ii. Shift and right-click for red.
iii. Alt and right-click for blue.
iv. Shift, alt, and right-click for gold/yellow.
v. Publish art!!

Where it started:

Founders: Me, PepsiNGaming, Whitedancingrockstar, and ProgramFOX

Once you join you can be added to
The Official Lichess Artists Study
Since the max amount of people in a study is thirty this is the waiting list. Just request to be changed from waiting list to member/contributor. However, first come, first serve.

Waiting list:
LM Lance5500, DankusChess, Eligora, NoJoke, Link, fuxia, pioruniasty, adip123, chessmaster4321, tfeng, MangoTownTravis, aspirantemaestro05, sushil_india, bakimikic, checkems, aslanmax1, Powodzenia, subham777, Stapleton, gichana, gbtami, NnomiXD, NM DragonMaterz, unc07, Corridor, Dylan5029, finlip, redhorse989, RobertLak, Aksel59, kyrone, cxxd4, CreativeThinking, Lucasdejesusteixeira, jojoyxu, beuz, Vycm, raksab, Whitekid2000
Location: Lichess Art Studio

Forum (7)

  1. Lichess Artists forum Lucasdejesusteixeira

    i have a draw:

  2. Lichess Artists forum SlicingBishop2006

    OK. Challenge accepted.

  3. Lichess Artists forum InnateAluminum

    Why is there always this starter thread? Also, I have a little challenge: Draw a picture over the final position of a game (checkmate, stalemate, etc.), and try to include the pieces as part of the

  4. Study SlicingBishop2006

    Add those to the main study.

  5. Study tfeng

  6. Lichess Artists forum lichess

    Welcome to the Lichess Artists forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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