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#lettucelivesmatter join the movement and #pickleandlettucelivesmatter

Thanks for Joining if you have this group is mainly just for fun but may do 1 or 2 tourneys or simuls in the future - perhaps a team battle!

For any fan of lettuce and fans of WrongLettuce :)
This is a great way to enjoy our love of lettuce <3
(Group perfect for pretty much anyone except those spinich lovers - you know who you are)
Feel free to dm me on discord WrongLettuce#6851 that will be the best way to contact but if you don't have discord message me on lichess via @WrongLettuce
We are all friends here :)

Lettuce is the best vegetable at chess. Broccoli can't even move a pawn. Corn sweats unbelievably.........Lettuce is the best.

@JollyAstronaut - Best Club Ever! (cabbage is rubbish)
@QueenEatingDragon - Even the wrongest lettuce is better than the most correct cabbage
@Chlivelylemon - No matter it's state , no matter it's shape or size a lettuce will always be perfect

Message me with a nice quote for a chance to be featured
Location: A lettuce patch


BIG Team Battle5+3 • Blitz • Rated • 2h 30m7 teams battle


Lettuce is Life!!!CHlivelylemon •

Hi guys I put your team in a team battle Link :

Lettuce is Life!!!muldrothaEDH •

what is the meaning of like you ask? LETTUCE!

Lettuce is Life!!!TheJuniorProdigy •

Lettuce is life

Lettuce is Life!!!WrongLettuce •

Lettuce is life

Lettuce fan club! forumWrongLettuce •

Lettuce is life

Lettuce fan club! forumLichess •

Welcome to the Lettuce fan club! forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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