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40 members

Let's try to make the BIGGEST TEAM EVER!!! TEAM

Please join and try to get as many members as possible!!
Tell all your friends about this team and tell them to tell al their friends about this team and so on so this will be the biggest team ever!
Location: Everywhere in the world!

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  1. GOAL! USBdriveCAR

    ƨbɿɒwʞɔɒd ϱniqγɈ m'i ɘɔiɈon .0μ nɒʜɈ ɘɿom ɘvɒʜ lol � � u

  2. GOAL! ChessQueen33

    Thank y'all for joining this team!

  3. GOAL! ChessQueen33

    40 players in the team, let's go! We can do this! Maybe we won't be the biggest team ever, but I hope we will be in the top 10 ;) Because I know WE CAN DO THIS!! Let's go everyone!!

  4. 35 people USBdriveCAR

    My goal: 10,000 people has 15

  5. 35 people USBdriveCAR

    YESS 35 People!

  6. videos sethtristan


  7. chess stuff ChessQueen33

    You know how much we have??? But we can organisme a tournament sometimes. One that only people of This team can join. Good idea?

  8. 24 people ChessQueen33

    Yeah everyone, well done. We've got 24 player in our team. Keep invoering everyone you know!

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Let's try to make the BIGGEST TEAM EVER!!! Forum »