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Latenight Tournaments TEAM

Tournament points: 6,577

Team leader: hyp3rspeed

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  1. RobbieGM
  2. fishers21
  3. zorroz1
  4. noob2chess
  5. Drmakneeo

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This team is for organizing tournaments, mostly for players that still play midnight (in western timezones, such as GMT), but you can obviously join if you dont specifically apply to that demographic.

With this team, we hope to maybe make a tournament that is within more peoples interest (discussion of time control, gamemode and other things can be discussed before a tournament is created). This allows for a tournament that lasts longer than a couple of minutes, and there will be more competition going on in the tournament itself.

Heavily encouraged to notify players that regurlarly play at this time. This will be an addon to the daily game modes

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  1. Latenight Tournaments forum lichess

    Welcome to the Latenight Tournaments forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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