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KyleLegion Fan Club TEAM

This is for the devoted and loyal followers of the all mighty Kyle Legion!

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  1. def best bulgarian moonenaneBETA

    best Bulgarian bug/zh player easily

  2. im a big kyle fan Corridor

    Aren't we all from Canada in a way?

  3. im a big kyle fan Karagialis

    half of the people here are from canada now not

  4. im a big kyle fan Antic

    its like you went into my brain and typed here exactly what you found.

  5. im a big kyle fan LegionDestroyer

    count me in !

  6. im a big kyle fan retardedplatypus123


  7. im a big kyle fan Flourish

    see subject

  8. When do we attack, chief? GMKyleLegion

    We first need to gather a formidable army, which of course, is no easy task.

  9. When do we attack, chief? catharaxie

    The world is such a lonely place unless each sancho meets his Panza.

  10. KyleLegion Fan Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the KyleLegion Fan Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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