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Knighty07 Fan Club TEAM

Tournament points: 11,539

Team leader: Knighty07

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  1. Knighty07
  2. Wisigothz
  3. noob2chess
  4. realpawn
  5. IkonAleye

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If you have recently discovered a new-found love of chess and are devoted to the game, then look no further! The Knighty07 Fan Club comprises of some of the greatest chess enthusiasts that have ever lived. If you are a supporter of the Knighty07 YouTube chess channel ( ), feel free to join!

Forum (15)

  1. Merry Christmas Knighty07

    Merry Christmas to you all. :P

  2. Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen on - Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship final Knighty07

    Hi all I've recorded a majority of the Grandmaster blitz battle championship final in case anyone missed it. You can find all the relevant videos through looking on my channel (currently in the pr

  3. Mastering Chess Openings - The English Opening Knighty07

    Hi all, I recently discovered I have an affiliation with the English Opening, and as a result I'm in the process of studying it in huge amounts of detail. I have created a video which explains all

  4. knnighty Knighty07

    I'm now open for challenging. :)

  5. knnighty GMBlunder

    hi why you dont allow people to challenge you to a game? i would like to play with you :)

  6. 3+0 blitz tournament! GMBlunder

    hi guys hi knighty07 here is a new tournament

  7. My draw against a FIDE Master! Knighty07

    Sadly, I could have secured the win if it had not been for the time - I had roughly 0.5 seconds left on my clock to mate him to his 2 minutes! My timings are clearly something to bear in mind for futu

  8. My draw against a FIDE Master! IkonAleye

    I think white win :D

  9. My draw against a FIDE Master! GMBlunder

    it was a pity you could mate him at the end good game

  10. My draw against a FIDE Master! Knighty07

    Hi all, I'd thought I'd use this opportunity to share a recent game I played against FM renanreis - a strong, high rated FIDE Master from Brazil - while competing in the Daily Blitz. An in-depth a

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