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Kingscrusher Youtube and Twitch fans TEAM

If you enjoy my chess videos and streaming and would like to have input into future shows, then join the discussions here.
Location: London, England

Forum (145)

  1. Idea for tournament tab CM Kingscrusher-YouTube

  2. Best Kingscrusher Moments freethinkin

    "Rook B1!! Rook B1!!!!!" See 10:15. That was a cool little combo. Although, it probably wasn't forced since white had some other options in pushing the A pawn or playing Qf1, but for bullet that was

  3. Best Kingscrusher Moments Djanno

    Nice ;)

  4. Best Kingscrusher Moments the_Crocodile_Hunter

    String_dogg - that's really cool! Thanks! ^)

  5. Best Kingscrusher Moments String_dogg

    Definitely! It's my pleasure

  6. Best Kingscrusher Moments CM Kingscrusher-YouTube

    Yeah - keep this forum alive a bit! - I haven't been posting here much - so thanks.

  7. Best Kingscrusher Moments String_dogg

    Made this video awhile ago, don't know why I didn't post it here to be honest! Better late than never I suppose Enjoy! :)

  8. Tournament sponsor for my own bullet tourney Djanno

    Hey KC it was fun to watch your commentary on the tournament! Planning on doing this again with another theme? ;)

  9. Tournament sponsor for my own bullet tourney wastetime

    Thanks KC and your sponsor. All the best and I hope you come home with the cash. :)

  10. Tournament sponsor for my own bullet tourney CM Kingscrusher-YouTube

    Hi all A kind sponsor has created a tournament for me here for next week: Hope you can all join in this one Cheers, K

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