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[titled player]
FM liputin
wfm saraswati
100+ prizes
guys from now on ward there will be prize for bring player
🥇 Bring 1 "Titled Player" - Get 2 E-books and Team Leader🥇
🥈 Bring 1 "BOT" - Get either Team Leader or 2 E-books🥈
🥉 Bring 3 Players - Get an E-book or 2 week team leader🥉

Special edition:
🏅💎💎Bring just one player and send his or her username to @gmchessmap for proof - Get Special Personality Profile Badges💎💎🏅
Location: World


Selection World Cup B Team Battle3+1 • Blitz • Rated • 2h9 teams battle
indian prize Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 5h5 teams battle
birthday prize of gmchessmap Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 3h 30m10 teams battle
Best of Rapid Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 12h9 teams battle
prize battle warrior Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 5h 30m9 teams battle


birth day of my brotherTHAVARAJA •

Happy birthday to you dear

birth day of my brothergmchessmap •

guys i cant send link in team so you can ask me in private chat

kids match forumLichess •

Welcome to the kids match forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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