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Welcome to the Online Chess Club! We have coach Isaac (@SLChess20) leading the team, along with coach Tarik (@BakiniKoljaci)!

This team will be all the students that are being coached by us. If you are interested in private lessons, please message one of us. We ask that students that are interested can take at least one lesson per week, to help support the team. We will, in addition to the private lessons, be sending out free short videos to all the team members, either going over different positions, openings, even practice methods for improvement!

We want all those who join and are our students to improve their chess, and we will make sure that is the case. Therefore, we will also create tournaments for everyone on the team to play in, and some of these tournaments will have great prizes, such as prize money and free lessons, for the winners. (We will also include U2000, U1800, U1600, and U1400 prizes).

Please, message me if you're interested in becoming a student, and of course, along with that, you will receive these great opportunities! We will also host simuls with our students, and make sure to reinvest back into our students.

Thanks once again, and hurry, make sure to join today!

Please make sure in the request to join, you mention that you want to take lessons from us, because we are only taking students right now. Much appreciated.

-Coach Isaac
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We will also have special offers for groups of students, schools that are interested, and so on. Please, feel free to contact us with any ideas, proposals, offers, as we love to be accessible to more

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Hello to all the students that are joining us! Thank you very much, we appreciate you all! With this team, we hope to give back to our students, and invest our time into the improvement of our student

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