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Intermediate players study group TEAM

This is a chess study group where we can learn from each other and discuss, analyse and share our games !
Location: Lichess

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  1. King's Indian Stivis

    That could work! also a good way to practice Spanish. I m following you. we will play with the first chance. Thank you!

  2. King's Indian azuaga

    if you want we can play some game with commentating(I would speak in spanish and you translate in translate google)

  3. King's Indian Stivis

    Is there anyone who has studied and played regularly the Kings Indian attack and defense? There is a tournament taking place in my hometown. in about a month. Still thinking about it, but I guess it w

  4. endgame practice Dr_King_Schultz

    I learned the basic checkmates with the help of ChessNetwork's videos. For the 2 bishops checkmate, it is:

  5. endgame practice MrSecertAgentMan

    My endgame is pretty lacking so i was wondering if someone would like to help me with this , right now I'm working on mating with the bishop pair and king vs king please can someone help me.

  6. New correspondence "submit move" feature ep14n05t

    Hey guys! I posted on the lichess feedback forum and I'd like your opinion on this Thanks!

  7. 2nd Correspondence Chess Tournament Isaiah4031

    What better way to do commentary and analysis than in a Correspondence Game?? Please join the team called "correspondence" and participate in the tournament starting on 5/1/15 if you have time.......

  8. Puzzles ep14n05t Mate in 7

  9. "Puzzles" from your own games Einsamkeit

    After 35. Qh3+ Qh4, 36.Qxh4+ Kg8 and there is not any check and mating threat, white cannot stop the next pawn from promotion.

  10. Video series on openings Dionysus_god

    Maybe not going too deep. To be only a little good at many things is better than to be very good at one thing, but nothing else, unless he become truly great. If he does not achieve greatness, the

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