Increment Enthusiasts

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Increment Enthusiasts is a team for players who prefer games with added time to the clock after each move. While we acknowledge that playing to win by running out your opponent's clock rather than reaching a better position is a valid technique for short time control games, we hope to make it a less effective one for both sides by the simple addition of an increment.

Do you wish fewer chess games ended with one player trying to run out the clock from a terrible position? Do you think players shouldn't have to budget their initial time to plan for a 100 move game that only ends if they can mate a lone king in a couple seconds? Do you think the winner should more often be determined by the side with a better position when the time runs low, rather than by the player with quicker reflexes? Do you think adding even just a second or two after each move can solve most of these problems? Do you hope that increment games see wider use in the online chess community? If so then Increment Enthusiasts is the team for you!

Increment Enthusiasts encourages the use of a few added seconds to Bullet, Blitz and Standard chess games. While any increment time controls are great, some of the more common ones are listed below in the format [Initial time in minutes]+[Seconds added per move].
Bullet: 0+1,1+1, 2+1
Blitz: 3+2 (Official time control of the FIDE Blitz Championships), 5+2
Standard: 10+5, 15+10 (Official time control of the FIDE Rapid Championships)