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Improving Horde TEAM

Tournament points: 80,750

Team leader: FischyVishy

Best players

  1. FM svenos
  2. FischyVishy
  3. lm2456789
  4. ubdip
  5. MasterMax19
  6. lecw
  7. timatima
  8. andrei_bashkov
  9. yososlav
  10. vijaybala12

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A team dedicated toward improving Horde - the eternal quest toward balancing an inherently unbalanced game.
Location: SBH

Forum (59)

  1. SF Horde Strength lecw

    In a recent game it strikes me that SF evals pos after move 46 as only +2 (moderate white advantage ?). It seems to me white advantage is bigger than that = will become

  2. SF Horde Strength lecw

    FWIW after 3-1 I expected to be able to win more by repeating the line, but that just didn't happen. I almost had to invent a new win the second time around. It very much didn't play the same open

  3. SF Horde Strength ubdip

    @FischyVishy The improvement relative to the baseline is similar for crazyhouse and horde, but the baselines are very different. SF crazyhouse defeated most of the top engines even before the first re

  4. Stubenfisch vs. svenos Today at 6 PM GMT lecw

    So white won all games ? For those interested...

  5. SF Horde Strength lecw

    With me only taking black (and playing at a ~3+2 pace), it beat me 6-2. I didn't play particularly well, but in the last 2 losses ( and I all

  6. SF Horde Strength FischyVishy

    I see SF Horde has improved by over 1000 points! Is it now as dominant as SF in other variants, or can the strongest human players still give it a run for its

  7. сегодня тур Yroslaw0901


  8. Stockfish's "opinion" on balancing horde chess FischyVishy

    @ubdip I see. OK, so I guess the match proved quite conclusively that strong human players are just going to crush with this White position. How about the next match...maybe try the centered setup?

  9. Stockfish's "opinion" on balancing horde chess ubdip

    @FischyVishy I think it does not make much sense to test this with standard chess Stockfish, since it causes undefined behavior in Stockfish if such positions (with too many pieces) are put in, which

  10. Stockfish's "opinion" on balancing horde chess IM opperwezen

    jep this is a extreme case but pretty sure about it thats its +- how can i see your stream

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