II ABC Grand Prix Blitz Arena 12 June

89 members

ABC GRAND PRIX 2.500,00€
πŸ“…12.06. 17:30 (GMT+2) 3+0
πŸ“…14.06. 21.00 (GMT+2) SUPER FINAL

Players can choose to pay for a single tournament, or for the convenient fee of
the β€œGrand Prix entry fee”
The entry fee for one single tournament is 7,00€.
The entry fee for all the grand prix is 19,50€
or 15,00€ for who will register until 31/5 23:59 GMT+2
Players can find how to register on the official site
For any questions you can contact


  1. The English text of these Tournament Regulations is the official version.
  2. Official site shall be
  3. Official mail shall be
  4. The tournaments will be held on
  5. The event is devided in 3 qualification tournaments and in 1 Superfinal
  6. The tournament is NOT valid for FIDE rating variations
  7. For the assignment of the prizes, the considered rating shall be FIDE Standard Rating
  8. The organization reserves the right to make changes if it will be needed for the
    successful outcome of the event.
  9. The participation in the tournaments implies the consensus of each player to the
    publication of certain personal data. For underaged, such consensus is implicitly given by
    parents or by those who exercise their homeland power.
  10. Lichess anti-cheating software, will be the first defense against cheating
  11. There will be an Anti-Cheating commission that:
  • will analyze all the games of the players


  1. The first one will be held on 12/06/20 at 17:30 GMT+2
    Arena Blitz 3’+0” 90min
  2. The second one will be held on 13/06/20 at 18:00 GMT+2
    Arena Bullet 1’+1” 60 min
  3. The third one will be held on 14/06/20 at 17:00 GMT+2
    Swiss Blitz 3’+2”-9 rounds


ABC Grand Prix BLITZ Arena3+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Rated β€’ 1h 30mInner team