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This is the official team for information about the huge Racing Kings events, which will be very large RK tournaments that will occur once every 6 months. With a big prize fund, it is hoped that these big events will make Racing Kings a more popular variant.

Location: Central City


Daily Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h 20m6 teams battle
Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h5 teams battle
RacingKingsQueen Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h6 teams battle
chempions ligue Team Battle2+0 • Three-check • Rated • 3h10 teams battle
NRen21 Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h7 teams battle


Racing Kings EventRickRenegade •

Cool. That's sweet. He must be loaded, lol.

Racing Kings EventFatesWarning •

Yes , he does!! Right now , he is paying for the FVVWC (Fischy Vishy Variants World Cup) and a team tournament in Crazyhouse. He sponsored the Crazyhouse World Championship (won by JannLee) and coun

Racing Kings EventRickRenegade •

When you say FischyVishy is sponsoring it. Does that mean he is solely putting up all that cash?!

Racing Kings EventLegambit •

thank you FatesWarning (and FischyVishy of course)

Racing Kings EventNM Deathmaster •

Nice! Look forward to it, although I suck at longer time control racing kings

Racing Kings EventFatesWarning •

@Deathmaster , @Legambit , Yes , it will happen. FischyVishy sponsors it. His purpose is to make RK more popular. Fischy will decide on the exact date , time limit etc.. Watch the group for detai

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