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Houdini Chess Gang TEAM

All playas can join in. team tournaments are included to only members. come on and join team Houdini. If u love Chess and the Grand Chess Tour this is the place to talk about it. Its also the place to join in the chess games with a little twist along the way.
Location: Saint Louis, MO

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  1. Houdini Chess Gang CJErvin

    Hello guys, the team invites all who hasn't joined World Chess Players Association (WCPA) to join in saying that we will be forwarding the team tournament over to the World Chess Players Association (

  2. Houdini Chess Gang Study 101 CJErvin

    For more go to Chess Basics 101 in the library study.

  3. Houdini Chess Gang Study 101 CJErvin

    In most games u see me play a fianchetto well it is one of the best ways to develop your minor pieces (Knights and Bishops). Suth007 u have anything to add for the rest that r joining us.

  4. Houdini Chess Gang Study 101 CJErvin

    or in a Evans Gambit is not a way to control the center, but a way to get rid of blacks pieces in the center. A more likely move is the Scandinavian or Sicilian.

  5. Houdini Chess Gang Study 101 CJErvin

    In most Chess matches u want to control the center of the board. Unless u know what u r doing giving control of the center to your a opponent. Example a fianchetto is a way to control the center of th

  6. Houdini Chess Gang Study CJErvin

    Hello, I am CJ. This is to tell u about a study me and Suth007 are making. We r going to make more up coming studies. In the Future post some studies of your own and post it on the forum.

  7. News on Grand Chess Tour CJErvin

    Well, the GCT is over for the year. The London Chess Classic ended with a boom. GM Wesley So won by a close call to GM Hikaru Nakamura and St.Louis native GM Fabriano Caruana. GM Magnus Carlsen did no

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