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Hi everyone!
This is a team where people who are interested in being a horsey maker or is already a horsey maker can join. But all members are welcome.

If you want to make a horsey but do not have the right equipment, please message me (@AnilJohney)

This team is for us to have fun with Horseys :) And to make different and interesting variants of horseys.

Horsey Managers: (Don't ask for a position, we will come to you if we think you are a good fit)


Horsey of the year: (Selected every year in our forums)

Horsey of the month: (Selected every month in our forums)

''《 Necrocyborgsey》'' by @Aluminiy303

Horsey of the week: (Selected every week in our forums)

Image of The four special unicornsey

''《The four special unicornseys》 (wind unicornsey, fire unicornsey, earth unicornsey and water unicornsey).'' by @Diaconu_Teodora


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Active the teamEvy2015 •

Can you make this team active again??? I feel like seeing this same horsey of the week for months.

Can we send pics for horseysJulianNations •

Just wondering haven’t been looking at the team for a while .

This team is dead:((Diaconu_Teodora •

This team is dead again:( Please do something to not be dead anymore:(((((

Horsey of the week #11!alyseyaw • Lovely Horsey

Horsey of the week #11!Diaconu_Teodora •

@Aluminiy303 said in #1: > Hey everyone, > > This is our Horsey of the week #10. > > RULES. > > 1. Don’t post Horseys which you have submitted previously or submit a horsey which someone els

Horsey of the week #11!Aluminiy303 • horsey bones

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