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This community/team has been set up jointly by St Albans Early Knights and Watford Juniors to facilitate teams playing in inter-county events.

Membership is not restricted to juniors attached to those two clubs. We welcome juniors from any Hertfordshire club and also from others under age 18 who were born in, live in or attend an educational establishment in the county.

Next Hertfordshire Junior Clubs event is a team blitz battle at 2.0 on Sunday 1 August, details at Everyone who has joined this community/team is welcome to take part.

Junior teams from both St Albans and Watford participate in other events such as the Junior Online 4 Nations Chess League. Each club can give you more information about its online activities. Both clubs are now also meeting over-the-board on Monday evenings and the 4th Watford Junior [under-12] rapidplay takes place on Saturday 24 July.

Location: Hertfordshire


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