Hamden Chess Club

95 members

The Hamden Chess Club is based at Play More Chess Academy in Hamden, Connecticut and meets for weekly casual play and monthly OTB tournaments. Membership on this Lichess team is limited to current community members of Hamden Chess Club and currently enrolled students of Play More Chess Academy in Hamden, CT. Please see to join HCC as a community member or enroll as a student. A $20 Amazon gift card is awarded for 1st place in online tournaments with four or more participants. A member must be in good standing (currently enrolled as an HCC Community member or currently enrolled as a student at Play More Chess Academy) at the time of the tournament to receive a prize for that tournament. Cumulative individual prize winnings for online tournaments are limited to $200 per membership year for HCC community members (2x annual membership fee). There is no annual limit for online prize winnings for currently enrolled chess students. Team members live in all parts of CT: Hamden, New Haven, North Haven, Wallingford, Woodbridge, Bristol, Danbury, Fairfield, Meriden, Middletown, Milford, New Britain, New London, Norwalk, Stamford, and West Haven as well as many smaller cities and towns. A few members live outside of CT.


Hamden Sat SkirmishM1700 May215+3 • Blitz • Rated5 rounds swiss
Hamden Mon Madness M1400 May235+3 • Blitz • Rated5 rounds swiss
Hamden Wild Wed Open May 255+3 • Blitz • Rated5 rounds swiss
Hamden Sat SkirmishM1700 May285+3 • Blitz • Rated5 rounds swiss
Hamden Wild Wed Open May 185+3 • Blitz • Rated5 rounds swiss