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6 members

Global Chess Players (GCP) TEAM

Tournament points: 518

Team leader: Eagle5639

Best players

  1. Mira246
  2. Eagle5639
  4. Alieksei-Karamazov
  5. waltonrocks

Recent members

Hello, have you been looking for a great chess team for players all over the globe? Well, now it's here! Have fun, win, and enjoy a great club. Good luck!

Feel free to join our club too, here's the link again:

Forum (4)

  1. RULES Eagle5639

    Yes waltonrocks, those are key in this club: Don't curse, Don't be rude, Be active when possible, and respect others (in other words: Do to others what you would want done to you.).

  2. RULES waltonrocks

    hi if u just joined please read these rules 1:dont curse 2; dont be rude 3; be active when possible and last but not least respect all poeple in the club :D

  3. Global Chess Players (GCP) forum Eagle5639

    Hello everyone! Welcome to our club! Please only post in this forum if you want to discuss games, puzzles, or have an immediate notice for everyone.

  4. Global Chess Players (GCP) forum lichess

    Welcome to the Global Chess Players (GCP) forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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