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Gelen Gelsin |GG| TEAM

Hello point :200.000 ???????????????
Location: *L İ C H E S S*

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  1. Hello nejdetkomutan

    Welcome FM toivok

  2. 100.000 tournament score !!!!!!!! nejdetkomutan

    Thanks everyone and the most important thing LM Lance5500 CanliSatranc Kaan55 Erenklpnar Oguz-5500 Keremyagiz Merdobey trkm vezirgambiti mericyanik thanks for players

  3. The first 5 of the team nejdetkomutan

    1.LM Lance5500 2.CanliSatranc 3.Kaan55 4.Erenklpnar 5.Oguz-5500 LM Lance5500 congratulations nejdet komutan,Gelen Gelsin |GG|forum moderator

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