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For members of ##chess on freenode.

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  1. Introduction LanguidNewb

    unholycrab here. (\/) ;; (\/)

  2. wee are better than you numberfour our team rocks (PS not to be rude)

  3. Can't join on the channel ProgramFOX

    It's ##chess, with two # signs.

  4. Can't join on the channel grondilu

    "Cannot join to channel #chess (You must be invited)" [img][/img]

  5. Introduction unclegp

    I'm genericpersona on freenode. Sup?!

  6. freenode forum Unihedron

    Hi, I'm Unihedron on freenode.

  7. freenode forum bosspotato


  8. freenode forum Hasimir

    Unsurprisingly I am Hasimir here and there ...

  9. freenode forum Grettir

    Rodja 8)

  10. freenode forum jupsuliini

    Jupelius here.

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