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30 members


please join people for awesomeness ...
Also if your cool you join and if your not cool then don't join my fanclub
Location: LICHESS!!!

Forum (13)

  1. Antichess TheBigNico

    I can help you if you want

  2. Antichess fire7

    I'm not good

  3. Antichess NiftyNiffler

    So, antichess. The mad throw-all-your-pieces-under-the-bus game. Anyone good at antichess on here??? Thanks, Nifty

  4. xxmlgswegxx fire7

    you didnt????????????????????????????????

  5. xxmlgswegxx xXmlgswegXx

    I didn't tell him to make a new forum.

  6. xxmlgswegxx fire7

    he told me to make a new forum

  7. thanks fire7

    thanks for joining my team

  8. FIRE forum lichess

    Welcome to the FIRE forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

FIRE Forum »