Ennis Chess Congress

46 members
Saturday + Sunday, 15th-16th May

9 round Swiss system

Time control: 15 minutes + 10 second increment per move

Playing Schedule:
(all times in Irish Standard Time / UTC+1)

Rd 1: Saturday 15th May @ 5pm
Rd 2: Saturday 15th May @ 6pm
Rd 3: Saturday 15th May @ 7pm
Rd 4: Saturday 15th May @ 8pm
Rd 5: Sunday 16th May @ 11am
Rd 6: Sunday 16th May @ 12pm
Rd 7: Sunday 16th May @ 2pm
Rd 8: Sunday 16th May @ 3pm
Rd 9: Sunday 16th May @ 4pm

***note that a round will not start until all games from the previous round are finished so there might be a slight divergence from the advertised times in some cases***


- 1st Place: Jim Hussey Cup + John Cassidy will buy you a pint (or a 7up) when the world is whole again
- 2nd Place: 2nd Place trophy + I will buy you a pint (or a 7up) when the world is whole again
- 3rd Place: 3rd Place trophy + Someone else will buy you a pint (or a 7up) when the world is whole again
- Marcel Castricum Shield: Awarded to the highest finishing player with an OTB rating of 1399 or less. Trophies will also be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers in this rating category.
- Best Junior Prize: A trophy will be awarded to the highest finishing junior player
- Best Unrated Player
- Best Game Prize: A prize for the most adventurous, enterprising display of chess mastery. More details to follow

How to Enter:

1. Make a request to join the lichess team "Ennis Chess Congress". Lichess is free. Entry to this tournament is free.
2. Include a message with your full name, your rating, and your ICU/FIDE/USCF/ECF number or evidence of any other OTB rating.
*** if you have never been a member of any national chess organisation but still want to play then message one of the team leaders or email ***
3. We will review your request and add you to the party
4. Log in on Saturday 15th May. We will send all participants a link to the tournament. Alternatively you can find it in the list of tournaments on the team page.
5. Be ready to play Round 1 @ 5pm

*** All entries are subject to the approval of the organising committee ***


Things to note about Lichess and their swiss system:

* Pairings are implemented based on the Dutch system which will be familiar to most of you
* The tiebreak system is Sonneborn–Berger
ie. Adding the scores of every opponent the player beats and half the score of every opponent the player draws.
* Players can join a tournament late until half of the total rounds have been played. They will receive a single 0.5 point bye for their efforts.
* If the system cannot find a pairing for a player they will be awarded a 1 point bye. This is likely in the event the tournament has an odd number of players. We'll make every effort to ensure this isn't the case but it can't be guaranteed.
* Players who do not show up for their game will lose on time and their tournament will be paused. Please be respectful of your opponent's time. If you think you can't make it to a particular round then pause the tournament and rejoin later.
* Lichess is very good at catching cheaters. Anybody found to be cheating will be removed from the tournament, likely receive an account ban, and be denied entry to any future tournaments organized by us.
* There is a chat feature on the tournament home page. Use the chat, don't abuse the chat. Have fun but always be respectful to the other competitors.


Previous winners:

2020 - SARS-CoV-2
2019 - Marijus Vicas
2018 - Lucian-Costin Miron, Daniel Hristodescu, Anthony Bourached
2017 - Lucian-Costin Miron
2016 - Lucian-Costin Miron
2015 - Valentine Kalinins, Mircea Parligras
2014 - Lucian Filip, David Fitzsimons, Valentine Kalinins, Colm Daly
2013 - Valentine Kalinins
2012 - Gawain Jones
2011 - Gawain Jones
2010 - Jan Sodoma
2009 - Mihai Suba, Kevin Spraggett
2008 - Karl McPhillips, Petr Neuman
2007 - Matthew Turner