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Namaste and Welcome to Team!!! The objective of this club is to make interaction between all the players throughout the country by playing chess in free time. The main motto is to develop the skills of the players. Its a team made so that chess players from Nepal can learn, challenge and chat with each other so that he/she can improve. Players from Nepal can only participated in this tournament. Hope, this team can help gather all the the inspiring chess players from Nepal.

The players in this team can play against each other and I'd be organizing practice tournament between the member. I assure you guys that you'd have so much FUN joining this team.

As a final note, I'd like to say that I'd give my all for this team and hope that you guys can help too and everybody can join this team. Location: Nepal

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Special thanks to Rashil Basukala ( lichess: sachetbasukala)
Location: Nepal


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Friday chess tournamentSangamkatuwal •

Hello everyone Sachet basukala brother said that every friday there will be a tournament but I haven't got any registration mail. Can anyone tell me will there be tournament or not ??

Friday Chess Tournament - March 13sachetBasukala •

Please Join the tournament @

TournamentssachetBasukala •

Tournaments will be held always at 9:00PM every friday. Everyone is heartly welcomed and invited for their participation.

Devance Chess forumlichess •

Welcome to the Devance Chess forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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