Classical Weekend

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We play tournaments with classical time control, typically 60 min + 30 sec (let's call it "real chess" :-) ) at the weekend ("Classical Sunday" or "Classical Saturday"). One game per day/week (Swiss tournaments).

Location: Caissa's World


2nd Classical Sunday60+30 • Classical • Rated7 rounds swiss
Slow Bullet Arena1.5+2 • Bullet • Rated • 45mInner team
3rd Classical Saturday60+30 • Classical • Rated7 rounds swiss
2nd Classical Saturday60+30 • Classical • Rated7 rounds swiss
1st Classical Saturday60+30 • Classical • Rated7 rounds swiss


Surveynamansati •

I'd really like if this starts at like 10 am (Indian time)...... Thank you moritex for your service

Surveydatasmith •

Adding my thanks to you Moritex for all the work and effort you have put in. As a long-tme OTB tournament director I can appreciate it. I understand how the choice of days and times is designed to

Surveypascalg •

I discovered how the platform works. For playing slow game tournaments over several days, it is clearly a better platform: the tournament director has a lot of possibilities to manage t

Surveydobrinet •

Starting a couple of hours later will allow having lunch !

Surveyjamestgr •

Hello Moritex, thanks for the effort putting on this. So far I havent played in any tournament because the time is not convenient for me. I suppose you cant have happy people coming from all over t

SurveyHowHorseyMoves •

I think you doing a great job. It is just the last few weeks with league and otb tournaments I have been unavailable.

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