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As suggested by all the chess coaches and Renewed chess Grandmasters, "To improve your chess, Play Slow chess" i.e. of longer time control of 45min+45sec or 90min+30sec games and then analyse your game from Opening to Endgame. If you do this regularly, your game will improve.
Based on this methodology i created this Team.
Anyone interested in playing classical games and want to improve chess can join this Team.

Timing: Every Sunday, 30min+30sec, 3 Rounds
Round 1 - 11:00 am IST
Round 2 - 02:00 pm IST
Round 3 - 04:00 pm IST
Location: India


Rapid Arena10+3 • Rapid • Rated • 1hInner team
CCL TOURNAMENT 0430+30 • Classical • Rated2 rounds swiss
CCL TOURNAMENT 0330+30 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
CCL TOURNAMENT 0230+30 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
CCL TOURNAMENT 0130+30 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss


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