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This team is intended for CKPCI students only, but anyone may have access. If you wish to **join** the team, please send a message to "redclock" here on lichess. In the message, please tell me your real name. At some point, I will be setting up a tournament for team members only!

When you arrive for the first time, scroll to the bottom of the Forum Topics. (****Click on "CKPCI" in the lower right hand corner to see all of the Topics!****) You might wish to start with "Thinking in Chess". Feel free to take a look at each topic description and do all of them, or only the ones that you feel are appropriate for your playing level. I will add more topics -and videos -in the weeks ahead.

DIRECTIONS: All diagrams are interactive! By clicking the "switch" to green in the upper right corner, you can activate the computer software and see the answer to each problem. (If the switch is gray, it means the computer is turned off.) HOWEVER, the diagrams do not automatically reset to the starting position, after someone has used them. Please be sure to press the *double left arrow* under the diagram to make sure you get back to the correct starting position, ***BEFORE*** trying to solve each puzzle!

Location: Connecticut