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ChessWhiz TV TEAM

We are the fans and viewers of ChessWhiz TV, an entertaining, educational live stream, featuring the weirdest chess variants you've ever seen.

Episodes are broadcast live at
* Sunday at 8am Pacific (11am Eastern)

Previous episodes are available on YouTube.

Forum (292)

  1. Chess Variant Suggestion: Chess Evolved Online ssehcil12

    Chess Evolved Online is a collectible, customizable chess variant which keeps the combinatorialness of chess intact, but adds tremendous variety by allowing players to make their own armies out of the

  2. Watching chesswhiz in PRCHN ChessWhiz

    Hello, I have never tried to do this, so you'll have to try and see how it goes! The address is

  3. Watching chesswhiz in PRCHN RichardChen5064

    Also i am watching on an ipad

  4. Watching chesswhiz in PRCHN RichardChen5064

    Hi. If anybody knows, I would like to ask the following question. Is it possible to watch chesswhiz on YouTube in the PRCHN(china), as I am not able to catch the streams in time. Thanks. Richard

  5. Schedule update ChessWhiz

    The Whiz is launching a new bitcoin-related video series, One Minute Crypto, that demands much of his attention. More info at As a result, the ChessWhiz TV schedule is no

  6. ChessWhiz, please continue work on your famous game seanysean

    Hello @ChessWhiz, Personally, it would be cool if you had the game available. ;) Too bad not very many people watched the coding streams. About supporting the show, I'll consider it, but no promise

  7. ChessWhiz, please continue work on your famous game ChessWhiz

    Hi Sean, Those were good times, indeed. It's too bad that the page is offline, though I do still have the code-in-progress. What's most important to you, that the game be available to play, or t

  8. ChessWhiz, please continue work on your famous game seanysean @ChessWhiz Please :)

  9. New recording studio! ChessWhiz

    Hello, loyal Whiz fans and total strangers: We moved to a new space. I bet you want to see it. Now you can! Watch the video below, quick, before I remove it.

  10. Variant ideas ChessWhiz

    Conditional forced captures. Great idea! We'll do something like this in Episode 353: Irresistible Pieces, where enemy pieces (not pawns) must be captured, if possible.

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