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We will currently be hosting the 1st Chesster Free Blitz Championship which will be held on 20th June, Saturday, 2020 from 7 to 8 PM Indian Standard Time with a time control of 3+0 and a prize fund of Rs. 2800 (and no entry fees!) on the occasion of Lichess's 10th Anniversary.

1st Chesster Free Blitz Online Championship
Date: 20th June 2020
Time: 7PM to 8PM
Time Control: 3+0
Berserk: Allowed
Prize Fund: Rs. 2800
1st- ₹500
2nd- ₹400
3rd- ₹300
4th- ₹250
5th to 7th - ₹200
8th to 9th- ₹100
10th to 20th - ₹50

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How to claim your prize?
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