Winners never cheat and cheaters never win!
Focus, Sportsmanship, Safety!
Unknown players may be removed.

For info about online scholastic classes:
This is a scholastic club. For non-scholastic players, please consider our "dash" team (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, but other cities are welcome).

Rules: Include your FIRST and LAST name when you request to join. No advertising links, teams, or asking people to follow people. Parents, please remind your kids to only play chess on lichess. This is for K-12 players who want to play local players like them. Older students, please be good examples for young ones.

LiChess detects cheating. Parents - If your child has a new user name, there is a GREAT chance they deleted their old account because it got caught cheating.

-No cyber-bullying or rudeness. Anything rude behavior will result in a minimum 2-day suspension from the team.

We value sportsmanship, safety, and focus. Language must be appropriate for our youngest players.


chesspanda05232023tuesday5+5 • Rapid • Casual3 rounds swiss
chesspanda05262023friday10+0 • Rapid • Casual1 rounds swiss
chesspanda05252023thursday5+5 • Rapid • Casual1 rounds swiss
chesspanda05242023wednesday2 Arena5+5 • Rapid • Casual • 45mInner team
chesspanda05242023wednesday Arena5+5 • Rapid • Casual • 45mInner team