ChessHospital Top Prizes🦠 10th May 2020

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🔴ChessHospital’s top prized $500 bullet tournament. Prizes for everyone and <2200 rated players! Slide Down to register!

Tournament Link:

🟢If any excess money will be earnt, an amount of it will be used to buy masks for children and people in need.

🟣Date & Time: Sunday 10th May 2020 22:00 (GMT+2 Europe Time)
♟1+0 including berserk as an option
➡️ 2 award categories: General and Under 2200
Duration: 90 minutes

1️⃣ You will complete this short form:
2️⃣ Entry Fee: $2
will be paid through:
3️⃣Join the team in order to participate in the tournament:
Team Link:

🔔Once you complete the survey and make the payment we will allow you to join the team. Then you can register to the tournament.

Prize Pool:
1️⃣ $150
2️⃣ $100
3️⃣ $50
4️⃣ $20
5️⃣-1️⃣0️⃣ Free entry to next week’s $1000 tournament.

First 3 players with Rating<2200:
4️⃣-1️⃣0️⃣ Free Entry to next week’s $1000 tournament.

➡️ In order to earn prize at under 2200 category players need to have more than 500 games on lichess and the account of the player should have been created before 01/04/2020

➡️All of the lichess tournament rules are applied and if ChessHospital referees detect any kind of cheating or deciete, the player will not be eligable to earn the prize.

➡️ChessHospital has a right to cancel the tournament. If the tournament is canceled, every player’s registration fee will be refunded completely.

➡️All the prizes will be sent in 48 hours. We will contact you to get your details.

Contact for any doubts and questions:
Location: Based in Toronto, Canada. Tournaments are open worldwide.