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44 members is really mean TEAM

It's a well known fact that is an inferior chess site, and they'll ban you if you say anything complimenting lichess or any other chess site. has terrible lag which has earned it the well deserved nickname Anyways, has a terrible that is really mean and bans you when you don't deserve it at all.
Location: Lichess where we're safe from their prying, sticky fingers

Forum (20)

  1. Quadbest

    I know and awesome lichess are rivals but why do they ban and mute players for just saying a different chess website has well better graphics and no lag and other stuff? Sounds so bad and

  2. rickrenegade

  3. what does The player manipulates the points mean? TheCastler10

    what is it???

  4. Chesscom AtomSchachMeister is such a bad site

  5. is really mean forum ezasucanget

    oh................ then why can't I..., except I can!

  6. is really mean forum savagechess2k

    @ezasucanget Parental control programs.

  7. is really mean forum ezasucanget

    why can't you?

  8. is really mean forum AcademicNinja99

    @JaakkoT I support that, except I can't get on to do it XD

  9. is really mean forum ezasucanget is meaner than @pigeons !!

  10. is really mean forum ijh

    @JaakkoT I've been doing that. Kappa is really mean Forum »