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We invite you to the new prize tournament of our club "Chess Star Prize Arena"
Link to the tournament:
Date: 13/07/2020, 20.00(Msk)
Control: 3+0
Duration: 2 hours
Minimum prizes:
1️⃣1 place - 8$
2️⃣2nd place- 6$
3️⃣3rd place- 5$
🎁Lucky places:
5️⃣5th place- 3$
🔟10 place - 3$
(The tournament will be held from a minimum of 10 participants.)
❗If there are more than 10 participants, then the prizes will increase.
Tournament fee: $ 3
Our payment details:
2️⃣Сбербанк: 4276 6300 1428 6135
After payment, write in a personal message to the organizers that you have paid the fee and send a screen for the receipt of payment.
Our contacts: @SUPERVISOR_CSPA, @ChessStarPrizeArena
We are waiting for everyone at the tournament and good luck to everyone!
Location: World


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