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This is a team of kindness and sportsmanship. Also, this is a team of players that do chess every single day, and chess players that play in team tournaments. Every single day I stream on twitch, besides sunday!
I do swiss tournaments every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And the password is always CHESS
all caps. The times for the tournament will be Monday - 8:45 Tuesday - 8:45 Thursday - 8:45
Saturday - 1:45 or 8:45 Maybe Sunday - 1:45 or 8:45


Tori Vs. Madi championship Arena0+1 • Bullet • Rated • 25mInner team
LittleGrandMaster Arena0+1 • Bullet • Rated • 20mInner team
LittleGrandMaster Arena1+0 • Bullet • Rated • 30mInner team
Stream tournament Arena3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 30mInner team
SONIC TEAMS Team Battle7+0 • Blitz • Rated • 2h10 teams battle


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Hello pls do not spam in the fourms

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jjyjwhnjklkSamarth-2012 •

Ur gugmkhb

Comment in this topic chat if u checked my game out!LittleGrandMaster •

if ur wondering who i am it me @ElephateGM

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