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Lichess group for Charlton Chess Club players, juniors, friends, acquaintances and assorted hangers-on.

Charlton Chess Club was founded in 1933 and met at Charlton House for most of its history before relocating to Mycenae House in 2018. Several strong grandmasters have played for the club, most notably David Bronstein (1951 World championship challenger), Murray Chandler, Nigel Davies, Neil McDonald, Danny Gormally and Stuart Milner-Barry (a player with no less than four opening variations to his name).

Over the board, Charlton currently compete in both the London and Kent Leagues. Post lockdown, the club has expanded into the online realm, and competes in both the 4NCL & Junior 4NCL Online. We also run sporadic online tournaments and a junior coaching class.

All standards of player and junior are welcome. Drop by any Monday evening for a friendly game!


Thematic Swiss -Double English10+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
Thematic Swiss - 710+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
Thematic Swiss - Grünfeld10+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
Thematic Swiss - Catalan10+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
Thematic Swiss - Benko Gambit10+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss