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Welcome to this team! Everyone is welcome to join us.

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  1. Blitz Team Tournament saksham

    Our team has been invited to play against a team named "Rockstars". The players of both the team will play against each other. The time-control used will be 3+2. The games will start on 20th Janua

  2. weird saksham

    When I click the above link, it says "Page not Found". Maybe the page has been removed.

  3. weird goldbeard

    In this study I have been timed out for no reason. I only said hello and how do you do and I was timed out for ten minutes.

  4. Ποσοι ελληνες ειναι ενεργοι σε αυτην την ομαδα ???? Player-master

    Καλησπερα η ερωτηση εχει τεθει παραπανω. Εχετε 3 ωρες. Καλη επιτυχια!

  5. We are champions! ARTty

    Много друзей на сайте.

  6. We are champions! ARTty


  7. We are champions! ARTty

    Больше я люблю белыми играть!

  8. We are champions! ARTty

    I'm chess like play.

  9. шахматы lihss artem555


  10. silviobelloybueno1 goldbeard

    check his profile

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