Cameron Williams Chess School

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Cameron Williams Chess School believes that chess should be accessible for everyone. No matter your background, your 16 pieces represent you.

If you cook...

If you swim...

If you are a musician...

If you are a martial artist...

If you breathe.

You are a chess player.

When you create music you cannot see the notes in the air, blindfold chess is created to strengthen memory and to help in that of the mind. Both music and chess have the same outcome here.

"Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory". Chess teaches you to not wallow on your short-term demons but instead to overcome these and look to envision towards the long-term.

Over the years, chess has helped me overcome the many problems I have faced, a canvas that has allowed me to develop and overcome my own demons. This is what we want to do for you. Chess can help you to express yourself and grow as a person. Everything connects with chess and chess connects with everything.

Find a way of interlinking your inner fibres and all the interests you nurture will grow together harmoniously. Everything on this planet is linked, you just have to find the patterns.

This is where Cameron Williams Chess School will help you.