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Blindfold TEAM

Because hanging pieces is more fun when you can't see them!

Forum (39)

  1. My first ever blindfold win. (I think he took pity on me at the end - with the Queen blunders)... ScroogeBlind

    Nice win, especially d5-d4 opening up the diagonal.

  2. My first ever blindfold win. (I think he took pity on me at the end - with the Queen blunders)... rickrenegade

  3. Blindfold tournament or challenge ScroogeBlind

    Yes I am!

  4. Blindfold tournament or challenge abeswick

    Anyone interested in setting up a blindfold tournament or challenge? I'm new to this, am reasonable level normally but would like to strengthen my blindfold play.

  5. Training visualisation - software tip ScroogeBlind Really trains your visual thinking, through different exercises. The software is a bit old but works nicely on a Windows PC. I haven't checked out t

  6. My first blindfold game Dino960 This game may be the worst game I ever had, but it's funny as hell!

  7. creating blindfold challenges demneptune

    Is there a way to specify a blindfold challenge? I often just play rated bullet games blindfold, but I hate doing this because it produces garbage chess - I really don't know where the pieces are, alt

  8. challenge blindfold TheBlindfold

    I play only blindfold games (second account of seanysean)

  9. challenge blindfold azuaga

    my better game at the moment !! I have only been a few days playing blind and I've improved my calculation and my concentration a lot. here other game http://es

  10. challenge blindfold azuaga

    from today I'm just going to play blindfolded until 15 January, I will play mainly against stockfish and some friendly games against human opponents. When I finish this challenge, I will share some ga

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